Mobiano Free mp3 ringtones Pack - #2 1.0

Mobiano Free mp3 ringtones Pack - #2 1.0: Enhance your Pocket PC with the Classic Song ringtone Mobiano Free mp3 ringtones :Classic Song Ringtones for Pocket PC: Includes: 1. Old Classic Song 01: Songs Clip - Haagen-Dazs-Childern. 2. Old Classic Song 02: Songs Clip - Movie-Slient hill. 3. Old Classic Song 03: Songs Clip - Yesterday once more. 4. Old Classic Song 04: Songs Clip - Northern star-melanie

iPhone Transfer Professional 9.10.4: iPhone Transfer Professional,Transfer song/video from iPhone to computer
iPhone Transfer Professional 9.10.4

songs out? - Backup songs in iPhone to PC. - Copy iPhone songs to new computer or notebook. - Computer crashed. - Share your iPhone songs with friends. - Copy all songs to a new iPhone. iPhone Transfer Professional is a sound of blessing for frustrated Apple`s iTunes users who can`t copy music files from iPhone to pc desktop or laptop since iTunes blocks iPhone-to-computer song transfer. Now iPhone Transfer Professional provide you a full iPhone

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KarPocket 3.3: Karaoke and midi player for Windows Mobile 6/5, Pocket PC
KarPocket 3.3

KarPocket is karaoke and midi player for Windows Mobile 6 / 5, Pocket PC. Play karaoke files with expansion .KAR and .MID The song text is displayed on the screen on a background of the varying images. Features: - change of the background images in intervals between verses of song; - change of the style, size and color of symbols, of amount of song lines; - various modes of playback of music; - support of playlists and 18 languages.

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Song Sheet 5: Song Sheet makes it simple to create lyric sheets with the chords you use.
Song Sheet 5

With Song Sheet, it is simple to create lyric sheets including the chords and fingering diagrams used, making it easy for other musicians to learn your songs. Use the chords included with the program or create your own with the Chord Editor. In short, Song Sheet is a powerful, user-friendly tool meant for both beginners and experienced guitar players.

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Transposer 2.01: Change the pitch of any MP3 song without changing tempo. Great for musicians.
Transposer 2.01

song without changing the tempo. You can also change the tempo of an MP3 song without changing the pitch. The quality of the recording remains the same, within reasonable limits (pitch changes of 4-5 semitones higher or lower, and tempo changes of less than 25%). This program can be very useful to someone trying to learn a certain track of a song. Some applications of Transposer 2.0 include: * By raising or lowering the pitch of a song you can practice

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ShowNak 2010-V1.0.0: Easy to use and easy to view software for church song, message and bible display
ShowNak 2010-V1.0.0

song remembers its scroll speed. -Automatic font, sizing, and color, enabling teaching notes, for example, to automatically be displayed in the format that is best for a particular room, thus taking into account any lighting, color combination limitations. Ease of use is evident ii song selection in that by typing the required song number and pressing enter the song is displayed. You can easily preview presentation slide titles to skip through a

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Instant Transposer 1.0: Instantly transpose the chords of a song to another key.
Instant Transposer 1.0

song to different keys. It is often necessary to raise or lower the key of a song to suit a particular instrument or the vocal range of a singer. This can be a time consuming process and typically involves working out new chords and rewriting the songsheets. It is even more time consuming if you need to repeat the process to experiment with different keys. Stop wasting time, Instant Transposer makes it incredibly quick to change the key of a song

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